Music in Vancouver

We have a vibrant music scene from Early Music right up to major musical tours.

Lets start with Early Music Vancouver.They have innovative concerts throughout the year. Usually they are held in the Chan Center on the UBC campus, or close by

The Vancouver Symphony concerts run most of the year and usually are held in the Orpheum, a gorgeous concert hall converted 40 years ago from a cinema.

UBC Opera School holds Sunday afternoon concerts through the academic year and 3 full length operas starring the students. The operas staged are usually far away from the mainstream works and well worth attending and the prices are reasonable more than you can say for the Vancouver Opera

Dont forget that Seattle also has world class music and opera funded by the Microsofties and Victoria has a lovely smaller but often unusual opera program during the winter on the Island.

For those with more eclectic tastes check out :

The Commodore – a lovely art deco concert venue with a lovely sprung dance floor. A unique experience.

Never been there but theres a lounge at The Biltmore – often mentioned on the CBC

(FM 88.1 ) the only radio worth listening to by Stephen Quinn the afternoon host of On the Coast worth checking for local info.

If youre up for Scottish Country Dancing, there’s Ceilidhs at the Scottish Cultural Centre or more formal Scottish Country Dancing through the RSCDS Society in Vancouver. There are classes all over the lower mainland.

Pick up a copy of the Georgia Straight (free) at Libraries, coffee shops and street boxes. This weekly is Vancouver’s Time Out. Lists all the events in the Lower Mainland.

If you are into formal dances the St Andrews Ball is held in November if you are looking for the equivalent of a Scottish dinner dance – good fun!.