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Our meeting was held at the Sage Bistro 6331 Crescent Road, UBC Campus, Canada

2017 Vancouver Alumni Welcome Night
More photos here

This was the fourth year that the Glasgow University Alumni Office has funded the event and we are very grateful for their support. Local Members attended this year’s event all enjoyed meeting our visiting students and what a great group of people they were. We hope they enjoy their year here. We had a presentation on the many changes that are taking place on the Glasgow campus. You can see the presentation here.

We, in turn, presented them with a short presentation on extra-curricular activities which you can see here. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

In the meantime if you need to get in touch with me I will be available at 604-929-2745 and will not now be away until after the new year.

Peter Richards GU-Alumni President Vancouver Branch

In the meantime .. did you know that the Zika virus was investigated first by:

Prof. A. J. Haddow and was conducted on the wooden ladder and platforms both in the Semliki and Zika Forest, Uganda. The work in 1947 would have been on the wooden ladder and platforms. The steel tower was built at Mpanga Forest about 75 miles west of Kampala, Uganda. The tower was then moved to the Zika Forest in the early 1960s where further mosquito studies were performed. None of the original work was performed on the steel tower. Prof. A. J. Haddows ground breaking work all related to the circadian biting cycle of mosquitos. It is this work that resulted in an understanding of how sylvan Yellow Fever was transmitted from mosquitos to man. The Mosquitos would rise and fall through the rainforest at precisely the same time each day biting monkeys in the trees. The Monkeys were the carrier for Yellow Fever. The mosquitos would bite humans at night at ground level and then during the rest of the day rise through the forest canopy until they were flying above it. Before the Steel tower the Mosquitos disappeared in the middle of the day. The steel tower rose above the forest and revealed that they were flying above the forest. It is this work and other research that gained Prof Haddow the award of The C.M.G. from HM The Queen which is one of The Orders of Chivalry.

His son, Alastair D. Haddow (younger son of Prof. A J Haddow): Glasgow university graduated with BSc. Immunology 1st class honours, 1972. Graduated 1974 MB.Chb. is currently Consultant in Infectious Disease, Director of Infection Prevention at Mercy Hospital Springfield, Missouri.

And his son,Andrew D. Haddow (son of Dr Alastair D Haddow): Not a Glasgow Graduate – Masters degree in Environmental Science at Johns Hopkins University with an elective at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Phd at the University of Tennessee in Entomology. Currently at USAMRID at Fort Dietrich Maryland. He is a member of The Global Virus Network with responsibility for Zika. He is the Researcher and is the one who has done work on Zika. It was he who determined that the Zika virus could be transmitted sexually and also traced the genetic lineage of Zika from Africa to Thailand and Micronesia.

So theres a bit of GU history for you


We welcomed a group of Glasgow graduates in the fall of 2015 who came to study in postgrad programs at SFU and UBC.

Glasgow Univeristy Alumni Office hosted a Sunday Brunch in September 2015
at Tuc Craft Kitchen www.tucrestaurant.com. Thanks to the alumni office in Glasgow for arranging it.

Alumni event May 12 2015
Frances Shepherd, Vice President International Development, and colleague travelled from Glasgow to attend. The location was the Steamwork Brew Pub Harbour View Room.
We had an excellent Presentation which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the link.

Annual Spring Lunch 2014

Somewhat later in the year than usual, we had our annual spring lunch.

Our main speaker was Jeff Wilson, one of our alumni, who recently completed his artist residency in the Shetland Islands gave us a presentation on his residency, the Shetlands and his evolution as an artist.

Jeff now has several shows a year. Check www.jeffwilsonart.org/ for his latest shows.

Sheila Anderson, our secretary also shared her vacation experiences in Colombia, with a a host of photographs to entice you. She managed to convince me, and original skeptic that it is now a safe, friendly, colourful and scenic country to visit. Living on the north side of the planet, we often ignore the southern continent when think about travel plans. This presentation was food for thought.

It was great to see old friends again and to greet new alumni graduates of our university. We hope to see them again next year.

Peter Richards, President Sheila Anderson, Secretary
Email : sheila48@telus.net

2013 Presentation Glasgow University 2020 a Global Vision

Glasgow University Vancouver Alumni
If you would like to be added to our database for notification for future events please email our Secretary: Sheila Anderson

If you have any information that you would like to convey to Glasgow graduates email me your entry to petervrichards@hotmail.com.
peter richards

Looking forward to getting your submissions.